Adventures/ Inspiration at Work with My Grandson


Such a blessing to spend time at work with 9 year-old Ben, who loves to paint almost as much as I do. What is especially inspiring is his excitement to do new and challenging projects. He is working on a kit that has a wooden  police car, a firetruck, and a helicopter. He's learning that when he makes a mistake, all he has to do is to let it dry and repaint where the spots of mistakes are. He, consequently, is learning why his Grandma enjoys painting so much...mistakes can be fixed! While spending time with him is always a joy, there is a special bond of loving to create that makes his visits even more wonderful. Seeing the world through his eyes reminds me to be open to all possibilities and to embrace that which is around me every day in a brand new way. (Ben wants you to know that he also painted three dinosauers and gave one to me.)

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