High quality custom hand painted metal cremation  urns and pet cremation urns.
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Sacred Journey Vessels Cremation Urns

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personalized cremation urns

customized cremation urs
unique hand painted cremation urns


The intent of my company is to create vibrant, exciting colors and designs with the focus on celebrating the departed loved one's life, and offering a beautiful work of art to cherish along with those memories.  I offer styles from various cultures, religions, and tastes.  My company offers high-end quality spun bronze and copper cremation urns in a reliable and timely fashion.

Free hand-painted lettering. Free shipping to the 48 Contiguous States including District of Columbia (USA).  Shipping to foreign countries will be an additional charge. 

Mother with Roses
Original Designs Line

Deep Purple
        Ancient Effects Line
These cremation urns are made to look like glazed ceramic pieces, but are made of spun bronze and copper. You may choose from the colors displayed in the Showroom or request different colors and color combinations. 



Just as it is an incredible honor to be the guardian of an animals care in life, it is a respectful act to keep sacred his/her cremains. Life, in its many forms, is meant to be cherished.  Visit our Showroom to see the Egyptian inspired Dog and Cat cremation urns offered.

Pet portrait
Pets cremation urns

Stained Glass Line
Faux Stained Glass Line

This is an example of the faux stained glass cremation urn line, made from the spun bronze and copper but painted in translucent colors. There are four windows in which different shapes or scenes may be painted.  The cremation urn shown exemplifies how a theme can be depicted, where four scenes or shapes revolve around Christianity.  Or a person might want to choose different aspects of a loved ones life: for example, if he were a golfer, a fisherman, a Marine, and a hunter, those designs would be shown, one in each window.  Themes can revolve around the seasons, cultures, nature, hobbies, sports, or family crests to name a few.

We provide our clients the option of Design Your Own, one-of-a-kind and exclusive cremation  urns. We will design a cremation urn that meets their specifications. We encourage our clients to take part in the creative process, as we cater to the needs of each individual culture and interests.

Design Your Own
Design Your Own

All cremation urns can be personalized with hand-painted lettering at no extra charge. 

Sharon L. Hornstein

 Funeral Directors, Veterinarians or Wholesale Customers
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Large cremation urns have the shape on the right.
Medium cremation urns are shaped like the one on the left.


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High quality custom hand painted cremation  urns and pet cremation urns.