About Us

A Dream Realized

Indian and Egyptian Urn

The idea for Sacred Journey Vessels came from a dream...literally. Sharon Hewitt Hornstein saw her deceased husband, Clark, showing her a huge urn with her own artwork on it. When she awoke, everything fell into place concerning what she wanted to create. She describes it as feeling like a tremendous gift. We believe it is.

She has a Master's in Art Education, as well as a Master's in Rehabilitation Counseling. The combination of these two areas of her background lend beautifully to her passion for art and for counseling. Both serve her well in this field of endeavor.

Sharon’s Hornstein’s intent in forming this company was to share the gift of color and design to, in some small way, ease the pain of dealing with losing a loved one. We consider these cremation urns to be a blessing, not only to those who remain, but also to those departed. We believe that life continues in another form after death so that it is possible to appreciate beautiful color and form from that perspective, too. When painting, we feel consciously connected to a greater power for support and inspiration.

We hope you enjoy these creations and return often to see what's new!