A Family's Tribute to their Four-Wheeling Son


Although his parents did not submit any written statement, they expressed deep gratitude fo their son's urn and how it included so many of his favorite things.

This urn was designed for a boy who loved 4-wheelers almost as soon as he could walk. His parents told me that although he died in an accident on his 4-wheeler, because he loved riding so much, they were comforted by that and had me design an urn with each of the three bikes he'd had.   His dog and kittens, his special racing logo, and a self-portrait were included.(I don't usually paint a person's portrait, but since this was his own artwork, I felt honored to duplicate it.) This family's love for their son and brother was so clearly evident in their sharing of his stories with me: his zest for life, and love of his animals and racing.

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