Young Girl Designs Her Own Urn


Her mother wrote: "Sharon, you are a blessing from God. Thank you so much for sharing your special gift with others who really appreciate it. I do think God had us talk; it was all in His Big Plan!  You helped me! and I thank you for that. Stay a beautiful person. You have a kind and giving soul. Keep working your gifts thru God! Thank you for this beautiful special place to put or daughter. You're awesome."

This young girl chose what images and colors she wanted on her urn. She loved butterflies and the color purple. She took Karate and wanted the symbol of peace, which was incorporated into the body of the butterfly. Her mother wanted the vines, which were added to embrace the butterfly. The quote "Breathe in the Light; Blow out the Darkness" was what this sweet girl used to say and became the center piece of the design. I was very touched by the graciousness of this child and her mother.

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