A Delightful Connection


"I wanted to let you know Ross passed away. I also wanted to thank you for the caring way you worked with Ross and the "muse" to provide such a beautiful resting place.  He so enjoyed the entire creative process and the wonderful relationship he had with his artist. I must admit I was not sure how bringing Ross home would affect me.  I want you to know how peaceful it was and how wonderful it is to have him to hold, admire, and yes, even talk to. I wish you continued success."

When Ross called me to work with him on creating his urn, I had no idea how much fun we were going to have; after all, he's dying and I'm painting his cremation urn...not usually a forum for a lot of laughs.  However, Ross would send me emails of this animated guy wearing a sombrero who spoke words of wisdom as my artistic muse. This cartoon fellow was very amusing as through the stogie hanging from his mouth surrounded by a stubbly beard, he would mutter words of encouragement in a Mexican accent. The whole process was delightful! He let me know how much he enjoyed working with me and how much he appreciated my asking and acquiring the right to use certain lyrics from a renoun recording artist to paint the verses on his urn. Later, I received this message and this photo of his urn amidst his favorite flowers from his wife.

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