Gavin: A Short but Powerful Life


The following are some excerpts Gavin's mother, Kate, wrote about her experience:

"There really aren't any 'rule books' or 'how to' books when it comes to grieving the devastating loss of a child. And that's especially true when it comes to choosing an urn.  It's quite possibly the worst job ever.

They all looked the same. None of them looked like something that would remind us of Gavin. It HAD to be Gavin.

Finally, I found what I was looking for. A custon urn. The website I found was 'Sacred Journey Vessels'. But the new friend I found was the artist, Sharon Hornstein. We were sure we wanted a metal urn (Can you even begin to imagine a breakable one-with children in the house?) I gave Sharon the link to my blog and over the weeks that she was working on his urn, she got to know him...which meant a lot to me.

To say that Sharon came through with everything we wanted and then some would be a huge understatement. This custom urn is one of a Gavin. You'' never see another one like it...just like you'll never encounter another child like Gavin.

Thank you again to Sharon for helping me through this process.  You have found your calling...what you give to others through your art and soul is a true gift."

I humbly thank Kate for her kind words, and feel equally blessed to have worked with her on this most precious home for Gavin.  What a special family! I continue to follow her on her blog "Chasing Rainbows".

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