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Meet the Artist

Sharon HornsteinGreetings!  Art has been a part of my life since I was a very young child.  I knew by the sixth grade that I wanted to be an art teacher, and I did, indeed, become one, graduating with a Master in Education Degree.  Years later I decided to become a therapist, and earned a Master of Arts Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. Both fields have served me well, but it wasn’t until I studied deeper aspects of life and healing that I opened up to the possibility of creating something entirely new as a career.

The idea for Sacred Journey Vessels came to me in a dream…literally.  I saw my deceased husband, Clark, showing me a huge urn with my artwork on it.  When I awoke, everything fell into place concerning what I wanted to create.  It felt like a tremendous gift.  I believe it is. 

Trade ShowMy intent in forming this company is to share my gift of color and design to, in some small way, ease the pain of dealing with losing a loved one.  I actually consider these urns to be a blessing, not only to those who remain, but to those departed, as well.  I believe that life continues in another form after death so that it is possible to appreciate beautiful color and form from that prospective, too.  When painting, I consciously connect to a greater power for support and inspiration.

I hope you enjoy these creations and return often to see what's new!

Sharon Hornstein

Sacred Journet Vessels Cremation Urns
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