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Just as it is an incredible honor to be the guardian of an animal’s care in life, it is a respectful act to keep sacred his/her cremains. Life, in its many forms, is meant to be cherished.  In that light, I offer these richly textured, earthy colored, ancient-looking vessels made from spun bronze or copper and painted with real gold leaf over enamels.  While the effect has the appearance of ceramic glazing, IAncient Effects Line Dog chose metal urns to eliminate the problem of breakage.  The urn opens from the bottom with a threaded plug, so spillage is not a problem, either, should the urn be tipped.  A plastic bag is included with a tie to enclose the ashes securely within the urn.  Two applications of a thick UV-resistant coating protect the finished product.  The medium urn is approximately 5¼” in diameter and 9” tall.  This size is appropriate for all but very large species.  If you wish to preserve your horse’s cremains, for example, you could use either size, keep some of the ashes, and scatter the rest; a dusting of ash could line the urn; or it could house photos and memorabilia from your lives together.

An  “Ancient Effects” urn costs $185.00 in medium and $350.00 in large.  Wholesale prices are available upon request.  When you choose the color of urn, please keep in mind that each urn will be very different from any other because of the process itself that lends to unique patterning.  Also, an option I offer is to choose one of my animal symbols (see pictorial list), hand-lettered name of your pet, and date(s) to be added, as shown in the examples, at no extra charge.  Shipping and handling information can be found on the Customer Service page.

If you want a more intensely designed urn, please check out my line of urns that are hand-painted in a vast array of styles and tastes.  Every process is hand-finished for a very unique creation.

The symbols of various animals (as shown below below), your pets name, and date can be added to your Ancient Effects Line Urn.
Cat Bird Dog Iguana Horse



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