High quality custom hand painted metal cremation urns and pet urns.

Sacred Journey Vessels Cremation Urns


personalized cremation urns

customized cremation urs
unique hand painted cremation urns


    Sacred Journey Vessels are high-quality hand-painted cremation urns. These cremation urns come in two sizes of spun bronze, copper, or a combination of both metals and hand-painted in one-of-a-kind designs. Durable enamels are applied with a finish that is UV-resistant to ensure a quality product.

    The intent of my company is to create vibrant, exciting colors and designs with the focus on celebrating the departed loved one's life, and offering a beautiful work of art to cherish along with those memories.  I offer styles from various cultures, religions, and tastes.  My company delivers high-end quality products in a reliable and timely fashion.
    Remember that these urns are completely hand-painted, so small imperfections may be expected.


    Original Designs Line

    You will be able to choose an urn you like from a pictorial listing with the understanding that your urn will be similar, but not exactly like the one shown, as no two urns will be alike. You may choose various designs from urns offered to be incorporated into one urn at no extra charge, or request customized designs not pictured for an additional fee.  For example, if there is a certain religious symbol or military insignia not featured, you could certainly arrange for that to be included within an urn's design.

    Insured shipping fee is $25.00.  Shipping to foreign countries will be an additional charge

            Ancient Effects Line
    These urns are made to look like rustic, earthy vessels that have been here throughout the ages.  Painted with real gold leaf over enamels, they are made to look like ceramic glazed pieces, but are of the same spun metals as my other line of urns so that they will not break and prevent spillage.  They are coated with the same protective finish to ensure durability.  Because of the process used in creating these vessels, each will be very different from any other.  You may choose from various color combinations, but please keep in mind that yours will look unique.

    These urns have a special emblem on them, fashioned in the image of a smiling, young angel resting on a cloud.  The image is made from a plaster mold hand created by this artist, then attached to the urn, painted with the urn, and then coated with the standard UV-resistant finish.  These urns can come in whatever color you like, with a marbleized effect to help the angel image stand out. 

    Angel Line

    Stained Glass Line
    Stained Glass Line
    This is an example of the stained glass urn line, made from the spun bronze and copper but painted in translucent colors. There are four windows in which different shapes or scenes may be painted.  The urn shown exemplifies how a theme can be depicted, where four scenes or shapes revolve around Christianity.  Or a person might want to choose different aspects of a loved one’s life: for example, if he were a golfer, a fisherman, a Marine, and a hunter, those designs would be shown, one in each “window”.  Themes can revolve around the seasons, cultures, nature, hobbies, sports, or family crests to name a few.

    All urns can be personalized with hand-painted lettering at no extra charge. 

    Sharon L. Hornstein

     Funeral Directors, Veterinarians or Wholesale Customers
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    Note:  Shipping to Foreign Countries will be an Additional Charge


    Large urns have the shape on the left.
    Medium urns are shaped like the one on the right.


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    High quality custom hand painted cremation urns and pet urns.